mTree Medical Solutions

About the Company

We are dynamically developing company specialized in searching for innovative medical technologies, which we distribute on the Polish market.

The foundation of the Company is to focus on high quality products with proven efficacy and safety. We are committed to providing patients with state-of-the-art medical devices and treatment modalities used at the best medical centers in the world.

The key principle of our company enabling efficient operation is to build responsible and lasting relationships with both the suppliers and the customers. We are constantly looking for new products and opportunities for growth.

We closely follow the medical market, publications in reputable and peer-reviewed medical journals and we also participate in scientific conferences.


We offer medical devices of famous global companies like: Meril Life Sciences, PIE Medical Imaging and EGGNEST used in various fields of medicine, including:


  • coronary stents (Biomime, Biomime Morph, Evermine 50)
  • coronary angioplasty balloons (Mozec, Mozec NC)
  • thromboaspiration catheters (Aspiron)
  • cardiovascular image analysis solutions (CAAS, vFFR, 3mensio)

Radiation safety

  • EGGNEST - a comprehensive and passive radiation protection platform fully integrated into the modern Cath Lab workflow
    (CE Mark: 1st Q 2020)


pie medical

egg medical

sprzęt medyczny

sprzęt medyczny

sprzęt medyczny

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